Collegiate Housing Foundation goes out of its way to ensure that a school's goals are its goals and the reputation it enjoys reflects that.

After decades of utilizing conventional debt-equity public-private partnerships to expand our campus student housing portfolio, we recently chose to partner with Collegiate Housing Foundation (CHF) on our two largest projects yet – The Green at West Village and Orchard Park. During negotiations, implementation, and operations, we have found CHF to be an invaluable partner. Together we are creating successful projects built on a foundation of professionalism, integrity, and trust.

Mark Rutheiser, Executive Director, Real Estate Services, University of California, Davis

Illinois State University’s first public-private project for student housing has been a great success. We believe the key to that success was choosing the right partners for the transaction. CHF has proven to be just that – a partner with us in achieving our need to provide attractive and affordable housing for our students. From the beginning, we felt that our goals also became their goals.

Greg Alt, Vice President for Finance and Planning, Illinois State University

The Texas A&M University System (“TAMUS”) is extremely proud of our strategic partnership with Collegiate Housing Foundation (CHF). Together, we have successfully partnered on nine (9) student housing projects totaling in excess of 5,400 beds to date. CHF’s insight and knowledge in all phases of the project’s development, financing and day-to-day operations have been instrumental in creating affordable and appealing housing for our students across various TAMUS campuses. Chancellor Sharp understands the importance of collaborating with dependable, trustworthy as well as innovative firms that are respected leaders within the collegiate housing industry. TAMUS places tremendous confidence in the CHF team and we look forward to continuing our relationship with CHF for many years to come.

Phillip Ray, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, The Texas A&M University System

Many institutions utilize an institution-related foundation for privatizing housing. Due to UAB’s desire to keep these transactions off our balance sheet, that was an attractive option for us. Therefore, we were extremely pleased when we learned about CHF during the developer selection process for our first privatized housing facility.

Periodically I receive inquiries from other institutions about privatized housing, and I always tell them UAB has had a great working relationship with CHF.

Patricia Raczynski, Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Using CHF has been great because housing is all they do – versus our own Foundation, which has a completely different mission.

Mona Adams, Assistant Treasurer, University of Delaware

The University of California, Irvine campus (“UCI”), has partnered with CHF for over 10 years. In that time over 5,000 beds have been developed and managed with another 3,500 beds coming on line in the near future. CHF has assisted through the planning, development and operational stages and has always offered sage advise, assured the operations are done per the requirements of the ground lease and IRS rules for tax exempt projects, consulted with UCI on its student needs and growth patterns, and been a partner that is focused on meeting all requirements of ownership correctly.

The important part of a relationship is each party being able to take positions and then be willing to reach solutions. CHF has been this type of partner and we see its team continuing to stay in partnership with UCI while offering the valuable services needed for the third-party student housing developments on our campus.

Richard E. Orr, Ph.D, Associate Vice Chancellor (Retired), Real Estate Services, University of California, Irvine

After a devastating fire destroyed a beloved, historic retail area in the heart of our campus, Western Carolina University worked with CHF to fast-track the construction of a mixed-use facility, providing new retail space for local businesses that were lost in the fire, and adding much needed new residence hall capacity to our campus. The new facility is an amazing addition to the center of campus and without this partnership WCU’s recovery from the fire could have taken years longer.

H. Sam Miller, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Western Carolina University